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Perched atop the luxurious Hotel Movich, the rooftop bar commands the title of offering the most awe-inspiring view in the entire city. Its vantage point affords guests an unrivaled vista, showcasing the picturesque San Pedro Claver Church and the serene expanse of the Bay of Cartagena. This visual spectacle unfolds against the backdrop of the modern cityscape of Bocagrande, with the majestic tower of the Cathedral punctuating the skyline. Whether you choose to visit during the sun’s descent into the horizon, casting a warm golden glow over the landscape, or in the evening when Cartagena’s urban heart sets ablaze with the twinkling city lights, the experience is bound to leave you spellbound.

As the golden orb of the sun dips below the horizon, the rooftop bar becomes a prime location for capturing the enchanting spectacle of a Cartagena sunset. The shifting hues of the sky blend seamlessly with the tranquil waters of the bay, creating a breathtaking panorama that draws both locals and travelers alike. However, the allure of this rooftop sanctuary extends beyond sundown. While it may not be the late-night hotspot of the city, it offers a unique haven to unwind and savor specialty cocktails during the early evening hours.

The rooftop’s layout is not only well-conceived but also spacious, providing a refreshing departure from the often claustrophobic confines of other similar establishments. Its design allows guests to fully immerse themselves in the captivating surroundings while enjoying the hospitality of the bar. The culinary offerings here are a testament to the commitment to excellence. The club sandwich, a delectable creation, and the shrimp cocktail entree are exemplary choices that elevate the dining experience. To complete the feast, the mojitos are a must-try, providing a refreshing and invigorating burst of flavors that perfectly complement the breathtaking atmosphere.

My introduction to this hidden gem came by way of a local recommendation, courtesy of our driver. It proved to be a spot-on suggestion, as the rooftop bar’s location did not disappoint. The vistas it offered were nothing short of spectacular. Beyond its impressive views, it provided a unique vantage point to observe the bustling activity of the Plaza, where a lively public concert unfolded. This serendipitous combination of natural beauty and cultural immersion added an extra layer of charm to our visit.

As for the culinary offerings, they did not lag behind the bar’s reputation. The food, in particular, left a favorable impression, with margaritas standing out as the highlight of the beverage selection. In fact, they rivaled the mojitos, establishing themselves as the preferred choice among our group.

In conclusion, the rooftop bar at Hotel Movich is a true treasure in Cartagena, offering an unrivaled view that transcends the boundaries of time. Whether you seek the allure of a sunset’s golden embrace or the enchantment of Cartagena’s evening lights, this rooftop sanctuary promises an unforgettable experience. The well-thought-out design, delectable cuisine, and an array of tantalizing cocktails make it a standout choice. So, heed the recommendation, ascend to this panoramic paradise, and allow yourself to be captivated by the magic of Cartagena’s skyline, perfectly complemented by the culinary delights and refreshing libations on offer.

Google Reviews

Hotel Movich Cartagena De Indias

4.71579 reviews

D Patton (Venom)

3 months ago
I was a guest for 7 nights in August 2023. This hotel is a great location within the walled city. First, the entire stay was excellent and the staff was very friendly and accommodating. Second, you are within a short walking distance of many activities, restaurants and shops. The hotel offers breakfast and it was excellent. The rooftop is a must for dinner, sunsets, sunrises, and the gorgeous pool. I highly recommend this hotel.

Jillian Carter

4 months ago
For my 30th birthday, I brought 31 of my friends to your hotel and the staff made the trip nothing short of amazing! Starting with the booking process, Genny took the best care of me. She answered any questions I had along the way, was extremely patient and extremely helpful. Next, working with Maria to plan the rooftop dinner was great! She provided me great recommendations, altered the menu to my needs and even sent me photos of the updated furniture. The rooftop is absolutely beautiful by the way! Then, while at the hotel, Alexandra was an absolute gem! She was the best! She helped us with anything and everything we needed. She was kind, extremely thorough and resourceful. I cannot thank her enough for all she did to help throughout the trip. I’d also like to shout out Nelson, the concierge, Javier, the doorman, Sophia, for room service and Jorge for his service at the rooftop dinner. An amazing staff all around and all of my guests can’t wait to return. Thank you so much for an amazing time, Movich Cartagena!

Kenny Le

2 months ago
Beautiful hotel with great service, especially at breakfast! Pool service was great too. The location is super convenient because a lot of tours and activities are in the old town. The hotel has a nice pool and bar at the top with a great view of old town. Overall, I’d love to come back and stay again. My only small gripe was this: while checking in, the front desk was great. However, several times I tried calling from the room and no one picked up. On the last night, I wanted to have a nice dinner and asked the front desk to help make a reservation. They said they’ll call me back and don’t think I ever heard back (I left after 60-90 minutes). Ended up resolving on my own.

Lymari Morales

a month ago
Went to rooftop to watch the sunset, and it was amazing. You can see the whole landscape, the drinks and music were good. Great ambiance!


a month ago
Wonderful hotel and really made my experience in Cartagena! Delicious breakfast includes and you order anything you would like off the menu. Luxurious rooms and amenities and hotel is located right in the center of all the action. It’s still small and feels very boutique.